Pro Bono Opportunities


Photo by Clyde Robinson

Every lawyer should strive to take pro bono cases.  Numerous Floridians cannot access the justice system because of their limited means, and the need for assistance greatly exceeds the supply of lawyers willing to provide it.

Pro Bono Through FJI

Due to our heavy caseload and scarce resources, the Florida Justice Institute cannot even come close to representing all those who request our services.  For that reason, we are continuously seeking the pro bono assistance of other lawyers, either to co-counsel with FJI or to take cases on their own.  These cases typically involve Section 1983 civil rights litigation, but we have also received assistance with probate matters, administrative rule-making challenges, medical malpractice cases, and Florida Supreme Court petitions.  With any case, experienced civil rights litigators from FJI will be available for help and consultation at any point. For more information about pro bono opportunities, please contact Randall C. Berg, Jr. at

From 1993 to 2014, the Florida Justice Institute administered, housed, and supervised the Volunteer Lawyers Project for the Southern District of Florida (VLP), helping find lawyers for pro se litigants in federal court. As of March 1, 2014, however, the Court decided to discontinue the VLP.  Pro bono opportunities are still available through FJI.

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