Fighting for Justice in Florida

The Florida Justice Institute is a nonprofit public interest law firm that uses impact litigation and advocacy to improve the lives of Florida’s poor and disenfranchised residents, while focusing on criminal justice reform, homelessness & poverty, disability access, and other civil rights issues.

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Recent Work

FJI was able to help Lucy get a wheelchair and give her peace of mind.

We want to share with you a story of one of the individuals we were able to help through our case helping incarcerated people with physical disabilities. Meet Lucy*. Lucy – 74 – lived her whole life serving others as a registered nurse. She developed painful arthritis that left her with chronic pain and in […]

FJI helps Elmer Williams receive Compassion Release and other resources

Elmer was a 32-year-old father when he was sentenced to 40 years in prison for a nonviolent burglary. Now 56-years-old, he has advanced prostate cancer and only six months to live.  Having successfully gotten conditional medical release for Elmer, Florida Justice Institute was able to help him get the medical support he needed upon his […]

FJI goes to trial

Last week, FJI attorneys went to court to stop the criminalization of poverty in our communities.  Trials in two separate cases took place last week on whether panhandling ordinances violate the First Amendment, or whether cities can needlessly arrest people for requesting donations. In McDonald v. Pompano Beach, we originally challenged an ordinance which imposed […]

Latest News

FJI participates in Give Miami Day and hopes to raise $75,000 with your help!

Give Miami Day is on November 17, 2022! Mark your calendar and join us for this day of mass philanthropy. Your generous support is vital in allowing us to continue our mission of serving poor and disenfranchised residents throughout Florida.  Here are two meaningful ways that you can increase your impact leading to Give Miami Day: […]

Jacksonville agrees to stop requiring sex offenders to post “no candy” signs at Halloween

by Andrew Pantazi September 22, 2022 This Halloween, the city of Jacksonville will stop enforcing a local ordinance that required registered sex offenders to post a “no candy or treats here” sign every year. The city agreed to stop enforcing the law in response to a federal lawsuit it faced challenging the law’s constitutionality. The lawsuit had cited […]

Florida’s troubled prison system wants to shut down lawyer-to-inmate phone calls that can reveal cruel and illegal conditions

Florida’s troubled prison system wants to shut down lawyer-to-inmate phone calls that can reveal cruel and illegal conditions By Noreen Marcus, Florida prison officials want to change a rule to keep lawyers from talking to inmates who may need their help; the new rule would place inmates who could be defense witnesses completely out of earshot. […]

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