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FJI Settles Landmark Lawsuit Against Florida Department of Corrections for Systemic Violations of Disability Laws

Disability Rights Florida, Florida’s federally-funded Protection and Advocacy organization for individuals with disabilities, has settled an historic federal lawsuit against the Florida Department of Corrections (FDC) over its systemic failure to comply with federal measures intended to protect individuals with physical disabilities incarcerated throughout Florida’s prisons. The suit was brought with the assistance of attorneys […]

FJI & ACLU Succeed in Having Prison Gerrymandering in Jefferson County Declared Unconstitutional

March 21, 2016: After a year of litigation, a federal court has ruled that district maps for elected offices in Jefferson County, Florida, which included state prisoners, unconstitutionally diluted the voting power of voters in the other districts. In an order issued in a lawsuit filed on behalf of residents of Jefferson County by the American Civil […]

FJI and Other Human Rights Groups Urge Federal Investigation Into Florida Prisons

A coalition of human rights groups, including the Florida Justice Institute, has sent a letter to the U.S. Department of Justice urging the DOJ to open an investigation into Florida prisons.  The letter details the many deaths in Florida prisons that have not been investigated, as well as several examples of abuse and torture that have […]

FJI Sues Apartment Complex for Race Discrimination on Behalf of HOPE and Other Applicants

The Florida Justice Institute has filed a lawsuit against the owners and operators of Aventura Harbor Apartments for race discrimination against prospective tenants.  The case is brought on behalf of Housing Project Opportunities for Excellence (HOPE), a local fair housing organization that sent testers of different races to ask about the availability of apartments, and several individual […]

Access to Justice Petition Filed with Fla. Supreme Court Seeks to Fund Legal Services for the Poor July 10, 2015 Update

On June 16, 2014, the Access to Justice Petition was filed with the Florida Supreme Court on behalf of 522 Florida bar member petitioners seeking increased access to legal services for the poor.  The Petition was filed by former Florida Supreme Court Justice Raoul G. Cantero of the law firm White & Case, who was […]

FJI & ACLU Succeed in Having Suspicionless Drug Testing Declared Unconstitutional State Pays $600,000 in Attorneys' Fees

FJI and the ACLU of Florida, on behalf of Luis Lebron, filed a lawsuit  challenging a state law requiring drug testing of all applicants for Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF) benefits. We alleged that this requirement, which was to be conducted without any suspicion whatsoever, violated the Fourth Amendment as an unreasonable search.  District […]

FJI Secures $150K Settlement For Formerly Incarcerated Man Who Lost Eye in Brutal Attack

FJI has settled a lawsuit on behalf of Jeremy Barrett, who was formerly incarcerated in the Florida Department of Corrections (FDOC).   While serving his three-year sentence, Mr. Barrett was transferred to a cell with another inmate who had a history of attacking his cellmates, and warned corrections officers that, because of his mental condition, he […]

FJI & ACLU Secure Near-$100K Settlement for Paralyzed Man Whose Wheelchair Was Withheld by Prison Officials

For years, Richard Jackson has needed a wheelchair for mobility, and used one without incident during his stay in prison.  When he was transferred to Santa Rosa Correctional Institution, however, prison officials took away his wheelchair while in his cell.  He was locked alone in his cell for over a year, only permitted to leave for […]

FJI & FILS Settle Case for Mother of Deceased Pepper-Sprayed Inmate for $175,000 FDOC Announces Rule Change to Prohibit Chemical Agents on People with Respiratory Illnesses

FJI, co-counseling with Florida Institutional Legal Services, sued the Florida Department of Corrections for the death of Rommell Johnson.  Mr. Johnson was severely asthmatic and one day suffered an asthma attack that required a nebulizer treatment in his cell.  Later that evening, he was sprayed with chemical agents (pepper spray) for allegedly making noise in […]

FJI Files Two Lawsuits for Race Discrimination in Apartment Rentals

FJI, on behalf of Housing Opportunities Project for Excellence, has filed two lawsuits alleging racial discrimination in the renting of apartments.  The Complaints are available here and here. HOPE sent fair housing testers to two apartment complexes–one in Miami and one in Opa-Locka.  The tests revealed that, on the same days, the Black testers were […]

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