Disability Discrimination

wheelchairIndividuals with disabilities may face consistent struggles throughout their lives.  They are often denied access to housing, events, services, and benefits, often because of simple failures to provide them with reasonable accommodations.  In the most tragic scenarios, the disabled are injured, sometimes fatally, when governments, businesses, and places of public accommodation fail to comply with disability laws.

By passing the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Rehabilitation Act, the federal government put the responsibility of redressing these harms in the hands of persons with disabilities and public interest lawyers.   The Florida Justice Institute is committed to advancing the rights of people with disabilities, to help create a world where they can enjoy life to the fullest extent possible, and where they can live free from discrimination and with dignity.

To see past examples of our Disability Discrimination work, see the Our Impact page. To contact us about a disability discrimination issue, please see our Contact Us page.

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