About Us

Lady JusticeThe Florida Justice Institute is a nonprofit public interest law firm that conducts civil rights litigation and advocacy in the areas of prisoners’ rights, housing discrimination, disability discrimination, and other areas that impact the lives of Florida’s poor and disenfranchised.  FJI is led by Executive Director Randall C. Berg, Jr., and is staffed by attorneys who handle major, systemic civil rights litigation throughout the state of Florida. We are funded primarily through private donations and generous grants from the Florida Bar Foundation, the state’s distributor of IOLTA money.

FJI’s primary purpose is to represent people incarcerated in Florida’s prisons and jails in civil rights cases, to improve the conditions of those facilities and help give a voice to incarcerated persons and their families. These types of cases include wrongful death, deliberate indifference to serious medical need, unconstitutional conditions of confinement, excessive force, failure to protect, First Amendment (including free speech, censorship, and religious freedom), disability discrimination, and others. FJI also represents non-incarcerated victims of housing discrimination, disability discrimination, police misconduct, and engages in various other forms of impact litigation, education, and advocacy for the poor and disenfranchised.  FJI engages in all forms of advocacy, including direct and appellate litigation, legislative advocacy, administrative rule-making, and public education. For more information on the types of cases we take, please see our Areas of Advocacy page.

For more information on FJI’s history and to learn about some of our major accomplishments, please see our History page.  For more information about more recent accomplishments, please see the Our Impact page.  For information on getting legal help, please see our Contact Us page.

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